When in Italy…When in Jordan

Being the daughter of an Italian mother and a Jordanian father has been quite the adventure…an ongoing journey of excitement, madness, and exhilaration, with a little drama along the way. (Let’s face it…It ain’t no party without a drama!)
I’m so blessed to have this combo of blood running through my veins.
This has allowed me to have a “not here nor there” mindset, and I love it! I managed
to see and experience things and make sense of them with the special tools
my siblings and I were brought up with.. Thank you Mom and Dad…I Love you ♥


Having a two-cultured, multilingual family is a fun ride…we’re loud, our hands do most of the talking and our language centre in our brains gets hilariously confused sometimes.

When in Jordan:

  • Mansaf a traditional Jordanian dish typically made of lamb, cooked in a sauce called “Jameed” and served with rice. You have to give it a try if you find yourself here in Jordan, best if cooked by locals. My mom’s is to die for…Yep she’s Italian, but I believe after 30+ years in “Al-Urdunn” she’s earned the title of “Local”, with honours…Way to go Mamma 🙂

  • Walk around downtown. It is the heart and the essence of the city. You can catch sight of people’s simplicity and find loads of unusual and fascinating stuff. Grab a camera and snap away. While there, swing by “Habibah”, and relish the most delicious and distinctive Knafeh you’ll ever have! (The smooth, velvety Knafeh known as “Na’ameh” is the best).
  • Jordanians love to be hospitable and they pride in it. When they have guests over for any sort of occasion, or simply for a coffee, they instinctively make it quite an experience; whether with the delicious meals they offer, or the heartfelt company they pose.
  • Friday…Waking up in the morning… Lovely breakfast with my family…gathering around, kick back and relax in the garden…priceless!
  • Karak; my father’s hometown. A heartwarming southern city where people are cordial and humble…it brings to me a sense of belonging and affinity.
  • We’ve got loads of spectacular attractions and sites. Check out where to go and you’ll be captivated by the beauty of Jordan and intrigued to explore it for yourself.

When in Italy:

  • A big piece of my heart goes to Italy. The place where my mom was born…where she and dad met…the place where your senses are completely in place.

    DinaM - Traditional Italian Breakfast - Cappuccino e' Cornetto

    DinaM – Italian Breakfast – Cappuccino e’ Cornetto

  • Morning breakfast at the bar; Cappuccino and Cornetto (Croissant) on the go, something to look forward to before going to sleep at night.
  • Pizza a’ taglio. The most savoury, unbelievably delicious and mouth-watering pizza in the whole wide world!
  • The Italian architecture and art are one of the most fascinating kinds of all. Walk down the streets of Rome and be swept off your feet by the marvels of the buildings, the compositions and design of the surroundings.
  • The cool and refreshing clean fountains throughout the streets especially during the hot steamy summers.
  • Spending countless hours strolling around the paved roads of Rome, catching sight of the winsome ancient city.
  • Reggio Calabria, my mom’s hometown. This southern city is mesmerizing with its sea, sun, good food and awesome and affectionate people…My soul beats for the south!

    DinaM - Scilla - Reggio Calabria

    DinaM – Scilla – Reggio Calabria

Jordan and Italy are my home…where I grew up, where I met some of the dearest people to my heart, where I was put to the test and came to be who I am today.


3 thoughts on “When in Italy…When in Jordan

  1. Maria Jarjis

    Nice post 🙂 love the way you describe the environment… Feels like I’ve been in Italy lol!!

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